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What is your crohn's/uc pain like?

Hi, im writing this just to find out what your pain is like as i get so many different types of pain. Here are all of them:

1. Trapped/bloated pain: where i feel like i need to empty by bowels but cant and makes me feel bloated but not with a big tummy.

2. Cramp pain: i get horrible cramps when i eat somthing bad. Normaly it the cramps come and get really bad to the point i have to hold my breath then it will start gurgling and the pain will go then that cycles over and over until im in tears.

3. Uncomfortable moving pain: it feels like my bowels and tummy is moving about and twisting and is very uncomfortable and when i put my hand on my tummy you can achuly feel it moving about. It also gurgles alot when it does this and sometimes i feel sick.

4. Stabbing/stitchy pain: i think this pain is mostly trapped wind or poop.

5. Gurgling: Ok guys so my belly gurgles soo much and i mean ALOT so this pain is quite common. Its usually very loud sometimes uncomfortable tummy gurgling/bubbling and sometimes makes me feel very sick.

6. Deep ache: i get a very deep ache in my lower left side. Which is not very nice at all.

7. Back ache: this mostly comes when ive been on the loo 24/7 and feels like i still have to go to the loo when achually i dont.

Thank you for reading this as you can see i have alot of different pains the worst ones are probably cramps and moving pains (they hurt so bad) Most of my pain is on the lower left side but somtimes from my just above my belly button down. And my stabbing/sharp pains are mostly from my chest down on my left side and sometimes the right.

What are your pains like and does anyone experience the same sort of pains as me?
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Hi. Years ago, I use to get pains so bad that I had to sit down until they passed. They were cramps. Every once in a while, I will get a pain in different areas of my stomach when I cough or sneeze. Sometimes, it has felt like a stinging sensation. I hope your doctor can get you some relief soon.
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Hello bad tummy4
I get a lot of cramps especially before a bowel movement , on my right side and lower down. I also get a stitch like pain again on right side that radiates to my belly button, this is when I have a partial blockage. Sometimes the pain is that bad I come over all clammy and nearly pass out so I have to sit down. When I bed or stretch I feel my bowels move, sometimes a sharp stabbing pain.

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I get a dull ache in the ileal region, on the lower right side. It comes and goes. For years prior to diagnosis I misinterpreted it as recurrent pulled or strained abdominal muscle. I thought I had a weak spot in the musculature there that was going to develop into a hernia some day. Turned out not to be a hernia at all.
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For me the pain can come in different forms. In the past I was frequently violently ill, with frequent runs to the bathroom. I was constantly nauseous back then too.

Today the pain typically has much to do with chronic fatigue, dizziness, being in a fog - stuff along those lines. It can be hard to be on my feet for more than a few hours. Every once in awhile I'll find the stomach greatly hurting but that isn't all that common.

I did eat some probiotics rich yogurt recently and found myself with a belly ache as a result. The painful stomach pain lasted a few hours. It was like old times.
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BD4,I've had all of those pains at one time or another.Left lower quadrant and constant lower back ache are the norm for me.
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General soreness all around abdomen, sharp stabbing pain on lower right side, pain behind/below belly button. I too can get the loud gurgling....but not usually with pain. When my bowels hurt really bad, so does my back. Sometimes after eating it can feel like I literally ate a bunch of glass as it passes through.
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Im left sided colitis, more of a UC type. My pain comes only when I am at a moderate stage of disease activity. I can be good all day but when comes an emergency (5 or 6 x/day) and I empty my bowel, I get very intense cramps. When everything is down the toilet (sometimes only mucus and blood) and I am done, the cramps are over and I move on with my normal activity like I am not sick. I feel compassion for all of you who have long continuous pain during the day.
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Not only IBD can lead to really bad tummy problems and pain but also other conditions, just naming a few: SIBO (have had that as well, so I know what I'm talking about), IBS for sure (just the exact same symptoms as IBD more or less, but with just low-grade inflammation that does not alter the mucosa etc.), diverticulitis (as I heard), infections from virus or bacteria (when you were in a developing country for example), and probably many more.

I have had diarrhoea for a year initially, every single day, but I didn't see a gastroenterologist (my GP back then thought it was a food sensitivity and I just need to cut out gluten, dairy and more ore less anything). Over the years I had symptoms on and off, but not as severe.
Then I had abdominal pain in my lower right quadrant (typical for Crohn's, that's where the terminal ileum is located), lost 10kg, had some diarrhoea, anaemia, very low blood pressure, felt very weak, couldn't focus any more, hair loss, pale skin, low haemoglobin, nausea, loss of appetite, I think that was it.
Two months after being diagnosed with Crohn's, I was diagnosed with Crohn's-arthritis (enteropathic arthritis), so I had severe joint pain as well, could barely walk or stand (sacroliitis). Was a nightmare though.

Hope they find out soon what it is. Fingers crossed it's NOT IBD.
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