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Humira complications

I have been on humira for 3 years now no issues. I recently had to have a hysterectomy in December and had to be off of the humira for 6 weeks. Once I went back on the humira I started to have issues. My white count dropped really low in fact it is all the way down to 2 now. And I also developed 3 abscesses in a row. I have never had an abscess inmy life!! 2weeks ago I had my first entiviyo infusion and now my doctor wants me off of all my medication because of my white count I guess. Now I am starting to have a flare. What do I do? Has thisever happened to anyone?
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I am not sure of the answer. I , personally, don't think he should have taken you off all medicines. I would go for a second opinion.
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A second opinion might be good, but who can find and afford the time and money to see yet another specialist?

I think six weeks off of Humira might have been too long. They say if you're off for an extended time you create antibodies against it. You might have to move to another biologic like Remade or Cimzia. Ask your doc pretty quick.

It might be a blessing in disguise if you're anywhere near retirement. In my attempts at retiring I find that Medicare only covers half of Humira's cost, and the supplements only another quarter. At $4000 a month that means I'll owe at least $1000 a month. Plus the way Medicare works, I'll have to put out $5,000 to 8,000 in the first couple months of the year just to blow through their deductibles.

The reason it might be a blessing is that Humira is self-injectable while Remade is infusible, typically done at the hospital. Which is covered 100% by Medicare.
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