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Chinese food?

Hi, guys so im scared im undiagnosed so i have no medicne for my pain. I just ate a chinese takeaway i had about 10 pieces of battered fried chicken, a tub of egg fried rice, 3 big slices of prawn toast with seseame seeds, sweet and sour sauce and about 10 massive prawn crackers and i am stuffed and my belly is already gurgling 24/7 and i am so scared of the pain and what will i do. HELP???
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Fried foods are hard to digest and upset lots of sensitive tummies. If you have tummy problems, imagine what you would want to eat when you have a stomach bug. You wouldn't want to eat a fried takeaway, would you?
Go for steamed vegetables for example (look into the low FODMAP vegetables, google is your friend), have some lean protein or some fat fish (good omega 3 fats, so here fat fish is all right, e.g. salmon is a fat fish) baked in your oven without other fat than a tablespoon of olive oil or coconut oil and some boiled or steamed potatoes. Just to give you an example for a pretty simple meal.
I haven't eaten a takeaway in years because I would feel as if I was dying or something, regarding the pain, cramping, nausea and possibly vomiting. Very bad memories to takeaways here though.

So go for smooth, cooked, non-fried foods but don't avoid fat overall, just fried, as I said.

Otherwise there is good literature out there about eating for Crohn's or IBD if you need some input.
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Also, you mentioned seeds and some people with IBD have problems with seeds. Are you having pain. Maybe, you could take Tylenol.
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Chinese food gives me problems. Not sure if it's a particular food or maybe even a seasoning in the dishes.
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Many people I know who have IBD are either sensitive to or allergic to soy. I am one of them. Fried foods cause me problems, too. And that was a LOT of food at one time.
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The MSG(monosodiumglutamate) that most Chinese food is cooked with gives me fits as well! I'll have massive migraine, vomitting & severe GI upset! So I avoid it unless I know it is made without MSG....and then I choose my meal wisely, usually white rice and chicken & veggies is what I order! Better to avoid foods that contain soy sauce as it contains MSG as well in most restaurants
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Chinese food doesn't bother me as long as I steer clear of known foods or condiments that trigger problems.

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