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Hi, im really scared. I just when to the toilet and pooped alot of bright red blood! What is this?
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Yes,it is scary when you don't expect it.Sounds like you're in a flare .A lot of us have experience with blood.If you've been straining it could indicate hemmeroids (sp)?
If it continues to be more than you can handle,then go to your ER.but definitely contact your GIs office or GP (primary care) by Monday.It probably wont clear without Meds.possibly Prednisolone (steroids).
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It is very disconcerting and hard to believe when viewing it....I have been through that so many times.,and especially on weekends....typical when no docs offices are open.
It is very important that you see a doctor as soon as possible and if it repeats you should go to emergency.
Feel better soon
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My son did this when he was having a flare. They put him on steroids and he was better in one day. I sometimes with he could live on steroids..

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