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Few questions....

1. Erythema nodosum? I've had it for about 6 years. I didn't even know it was from Crohn's until I was diagnosed this past May. I had been told it was staph infection ( which it did have, Bc it ulcerated, but it was Crohn's first) so for the last 6 years I've had it off and on. It's left scars all over my legs. I get them as knots first usually or bruises. Any tips to help with it? I know I'll always have scars but hoping now that I know what it is that I can prevent more.

2. Epilepsy. The day I came home with my daughter from the hospital I had my very first seizure. 21 months ago. They chalked it up to a reaction from the epidural and figured it would never happen again. Fast foward a year and a half. I had just gotten out of the hospital after 6 days and a diagnoses of Crohn's. 3 days later I had two seizures. A few hours apart. Another 3 day stay and I'm now on kepra. That was in May. I had another seizure last week. All of my tests have come back great so they are not sure what's causing it but are diagnosing me with epilepsy. My mother used to be epileptic ( grew out of it) and she also had her first seizure a few days after I was born. She was only 18. They told her she developed it Bc I took all her nutrients away from her and she was malnourished. She was a baby having a baby and didn't take good care of herself. She hasn't had one in years. I wonder if my seizures are just hereditary or related to my Crohn's disease? Does anyone else also have seizures with Crohn's?

Thanks in advance
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Hello Britt
Sorry to hear you are having such a bad time
I am unable to help you but there are lots of people on this site and I am sure a few others will be along to assist you.
What bad luck you have with erythema and now seizures,hope they disappear for you like your mums.
Feel better soon
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Thank you
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Hi. I am wondering if the Crohns might be taking away from the nutrients in your body and have something to do with the epilepsy. There is a section here called Extra Intestinal Manifestations. I wonder if they might be of some help there.
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