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Klebsiella Pneumonia & Crohns Disease

I have been messing around with treating Klebsiella Pneumonia using Rife frequency treatments. Originally, just because it was a common hospital infection and found in paper mills. Well, I have had four surgeries in my life and worked in a paper mill for over 25 years. What are the odds that I don't have it?

I thought it was a lock.

I started treating it a few months ago and did feel the frequencies the first couple of times. Only around the guts. It felt like the sack around the gut but not in the guts themselves. Ten years of experience using this method tells me when you feel something, you are hitting your target. Not feeling anything doesn't mean anything, because typically you do not feel anything.

Other than inducing diahrea for a day, there was no other immediate effect.

Longer term, several days after I developed pustules on the bottom of my left foot. Nothing anyplace else. These pustules were not just on the surface. They were at various depths in the tissue on the foot moving out to the surface over time. Not s single one on the other foot.

So now I am pretty curious about this strange outbreak. I decided not to treat for Klebsiella pneumonia for a while, and see what happens. I soak my foot and heal it up over the next few weeks.

Now that it is nearly gone, I decide to see if I can get some repeatability, as any good experiment will have. I run the frequencies again and this time I feel less of a sensation in the gut lining than before and just a short bout of diahrea.

A few days later the pustules are thicker than before on the bottom of my foot and some on my heel also. None on the other foot. I wait a couple of weeks and treat again. Foot continues to develope more pustules and I continue to pop them with a pin to drain them as they itch quite a lot if I don't.

Now I start getting them on my right hand also. I get a lot of them. Hand is getting pretty raw on the lower Palm. I get a few on the left palm also but not nearly as many.

Ok, now I am wondering if there is an actual condition that has this pattern in the medical literature. There is. Palmoplantar pustulosis. Occurs on the soles of the feet and sometimes the heel and at the base of the thumbs on the hands.

I had already resolved psoriasis on my shin a few years ago treating MAP so now I had a different form of psoriasis brought on by killing Klebsiella pneumonia. I was wondering if it was Crohns related also but really had no idea. Being real thick headed at times, plus being preoccupied with other pressing matters, it never occurred to me until today, to actually Google Klebsiella pneumonia and Crohns to see what the studies say.

Guess what? Below is just the first one I found in about ten seconds.

Given my results, and the studies that indicate the pathogens possible connection to Crohns, I am adding Klebsiella pneumonia to my list of pathogens responsible for the destructive symptoms in my particular case of Crohns.

The list now has the following:

Unknown strain of E-Coli.

Mycobacterium avium subspecies paratuberculosis (MAP)


Mycoplasma pneumonia.

Klebsiella pneumonia.

And the experiment continues. Now to eliminate the palmoplantar psoriasis by eliminating the Klebsiella pneumonia. Just have to get my equipment back from a doctor who has borrowed it.

Nothing I post here is to be construed as medical advice. I am not a doctor or health professional.
They are simply my opinions.

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