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Pain is bad, afraid of looking like a junkie.

Hi guys, I just had a colonoscopy done after being on a clinical trial for 8 weeks. It looks the exact same, no improvement.

My internist gave me 40 5mg oxycodone and told me to just take them when the pain was bad about a week ago. I have been having to take more than 3 a day...1 cuts the pain in maybe half, two makes me functional I'm having to take double the amount he prescribed a day (6).

I made an appointment today to go see him to update him on the trial and colonoscopy results, but I'm not sure what to say....Do I fess up that I have been taking two a day, or just say I have been taking one and it isn't enough. I want to be honest to my doctors but I'm also afraid of looking like an abuser. It took two months just to work up to 40 oxycodone, I don't want to blow it...

Do you guys have any advice? I am not sure what to do.
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I would just tell the truth. By doing this the doctor might be able to help you better.
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Tell the truth,exactly as in your post.I'm always honest with my Doctor,and I think I get more respect.You'll feel better about yourself too.But I can understand your worry.And your pain.A good doctor will too.Let's know how you get on.Feel better soon.
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I've found it's better for me to just tough my pain out.. Even when it's super bad. I struggle with constipation from my crohns stricture and all pain medication does is make it worse, because most of them constipate you even more. So yes for the short time the med works I feel great, but then in the end it's just making it 10x worse.

Working in the medical field, It's always better to be honest. Just tell them you're being honest and that you've had to use 2 a day to make yourself functional
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I did what you guys said and was honest, he was fine with it. He didn't quite give me a months supply but he gave me around 140. Thanks for the responses

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