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Humira every 5 days

So ds arthritis is worse
Issues in his fingers on both hands and hips
Rheumo wants to increase humira to every 5 days

Anyone else on humira every 5 days ???
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Adult dose every 5 days? I think he's the guinea pig! I sure hope it helps MLP.
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Yes adult dose every 5 days
He weighs well over the minimum kiddie dose weight ( 102 lbs /46.3 kg)
He was only ever on the kiddie dose for 2 months 4.5 years ago .
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We have done every 6 days (the adult dose). No side effects except a cranky kid because she didn't love the shots!
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On the shots Rheumo said rumor is next summer the new humira formula will be out for patients so less pain
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Next summer?! It's already out in Europe. My older daughter was so excited - she was hoping sooner.

She did say that switching to syringes from the pens made a HUGE difference (thank you MLP and Clash!).
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Ummm.........oh think the closest Grace got was every 7 days and a lower dose but she was 5.

I hope it works.
Has damage already started to happen in any of his joints?
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Mlp, did it work?

And yes, humira formula is available outside US. I know someone who tried to get it for themselves while vacationing in Europe but there was not enough time to get approvals and schedules. Maybe there is a market for medical tourism to get it? I'm happy to chaperone the first group of kids that go over. 😜
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Fingers crossed that this helps him!!!

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Seeing baby step improvement
But figure it will be a while since he stopped pred and nothing to hit the inflammation with
Just have to wait on humira to beat it down which takes a lot longer than steriods
Sweets spots are back as well since he stopped pred and colchicine

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