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First Injection!

Took my loading dose of humira today and to my suprise it wasn't as bad as what I have read about it online. Stung a little but other than that, nothing to complain about! I still can't get over the fear of developing something like tcell lymphoma or a serious infection, causing me a good amount of stress due to the fact that i fit the age/sex group for the main group of people who develop the disease. Any advice on how to relax a little?
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Hey Myker! I have been on Humira for about a year now and I have some of the same fears and anxieties that you described above. I am still learning to cope with those anxieties. I have learned that it is best to not worry and think about it, because in all reality it does not benefit to worry about something that it out of our power of control. I just do my best to listen to my body and keep myself busy enough so I am distracted from those kinds of thoughts. Good luck with your future injections! I hope Humira helps you out!
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Thanks for the tips guys! Hopefully when the next semester of school starts ill be able to keep my mind off things, as for now i'll try to pick up a hobby or two like you guys said! Thanks for the kind words and I wish the best of luck to you guys as well! Stay healthy!

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