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grrrrrrrrrrrrrr crohn's and gi's

how is everyone? i am good, just feel pain basically from head to toe. my eye is blood shot from a "fatty deposit", my feet hurt, my hands hurt, the abdominal pain is more intense then ever before, my tongue hurts, my ass hurts, i have an infection that has been draining for about 9 months, ohhh and the my vagina hurts. yay.
my gi is on holidays until aug 14 - and he doesn't really seem to care anyways. i bring in my questions and i feel like i leave just as empty handed if i didn't have any questions. i realize i am not his most extreme case, but i still want answers. i feel like he is just waiting to cut me open or something. i am tapering the pred and am down to one tab - it seems whenever i taper i flare worse. i want off the pred, doesn't seem to do a damn thing unless i am taking at least 20mg. gee this isn't a morbid smiley hehehehe.
anyways i made an appt w/ my gp, even though i know he can't help me - i don't know whatelse to do. wait for hours in emerg so they can make some kind of medical error, walk in clinic so they can mess me up, etc.

thanks for listening to me vent, hugs to everyone.
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steph said:
ohhh and the my vagina hurts. yay.
Just wondering, would you happen to have a bartholin's cyst. That happened to me and it was th emost painful thing I have ever experienced in my life.
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Awww Steph...I feel for ya hun. BIG CYBER hugs to ya!!! Just try to take it easy and go see the GP....he/she may be able to give you something to make it easier for you to hang in there till the GI comes along.

hang in there, hun!!

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btcrv said:
bartholin's cyst.
my gp said the gynacologist would now if it was one. they seem to think it is fistula related. all i have to say is my sex life sucks assssssssssssss
sounds like i will be put on 6-mp or imuran when my gi is finished hanging out on some nice beach whereever he is - lucky guy.
cheers everyone and lots of hugs
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Sorry to hear you are having a bit of a rough patch now Steph. Just try and keep going and your GI will be back soon.

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