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Shake Supplements dairy and soy free

Hi All,
My friends daughter was recently diagnosed with Crohn's disease. She has lost a ton of weight and now weighs only 96pounds. They want her to drink a supplement she is trying to find one that is palatable. She is allergic to soy and dairy. I was hoping someone here could reccomend one.

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Orgain vegan is dairy and soy free
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Thanks MLP!!!!
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Asking for another friend,
Can anyone reccomend a tasteless high calorie powder that you can add to food?
Is there such a thing?
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How about Duocal? My daughter is VERY picky and she couldn't taste it.
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We tried Duocal, and Jae says it makes everything sweeter...
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Please be cautious. As far as I know, all prepared shake supplements contain
emulsifiers which may exacerbate Crohn's flares. Perhaps a shake supplement
using base ingredients made at home would be beneficial if others aren't tolerated.

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