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Humira Blast (High Loading Dose)

Hi all,

Long time, no post for me. I've reached an impasse and it seems I don't have much in the way of options left. I've failed remi, humira, cimzia, entyvio, imuran, ldn, and combos of lots of the above.

I'm currently testing a Humira "blast" where loading doses are 160mg every week for 4 weeks. That makes it 4 shots each week for 4 weeks versus the standard 4 at week 0, 2 at week 2, and 1 at week 4. Thats a TON of Humira. I've only done week 0 so far.

The caveat to this Humira Blast dosing is that I'm also currently taking methotrexate (1ml weekly subq), prednisone (35mg and tapering 5mg a week), and Flagyl. Basically try all the things!

Is there anyone out in cyberland that has done or is doing this or something nearly similar? I'm not able to come up with much when I do a cursory search online. I feel like patient zero right now.

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There is a parent on the parent's forum who has a kiddo on Humira every 5 days. Not exactly the same but a high dose.

Tagging my little penguin.

Good luck and let us know how it goes! That's a lot of Humira!
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Ds is currently on humira every 5 days so 6 syringes a month
So 240 mg a month
Plus 17.5 mg of oral Mtx a week
He was on prednisone but just weaned off
He also is mostly EEN

So kinda patient zero as well
I haven't found anyone else on humira every 5 days
Ds is 12
The increase in humira was for his juvenile spondyloarthritis
He has had to increase every year since starting it
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Just thought I would update everyone on my Humira Blast dosing. So far this is the best I've felt in years.

I am currently only taking Methotrexate and Humira and have been on just this combo for about 4 months now (started Humira in August though). I've tapered off the Pred and no longer need Flagyl. Surprisingly I am able to have mostly solid BMs, even though I'm missing a LOT of my colon. I'm going about 2-3 times daily which I chalk up to the missing feet of large intestine.

My Humira antibody levels were really good when they checked them last, and my last scope in December was pretty decent. I did have a little bit of inflammation in a strictured area where my anastomosis is (which is not surprising really).

Anyhow, I would certainly recommend the Humira Blast to anyone not getting results elsewhere, provided they don't have antibodies. My doc says that there's been a sneaking suspicion that the dosing of Humira for Crohn's was never high enough, so that's why they decided to test out the Blast dosing. The problem with this dosing, though, is that it's very difficult to get insurance companies to agree to allow the loading dose. My insurance did accept the loading dose (16 shots) but then the pharmacy miss-filled the prescription by filling the maintenance doses before the loading doses. After that mistake, I did have to go to my doc and use some trial pens they had at their office until I was able to refill the maintenance doses. Keep an eye on those specialty pharmacies!

Since I'm now at one shot every week, the maintenance prescription was easily accepted.

Hopefully my experience is able to help someone else!
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I am glad you have had such success.

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