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Possible Adhesions

I had a permanent ileostomy nearly 14 years ago. Four months later I wound up with a complete obstruction when my small intestine twisted. Another surgery resulting in adhesions removal and seprafilm put in.

I have been in remission since then. In July I felt my intestine flipping around on my left side and it hurt for a few days. Made an appt with my GI at the Mayo, but it's not until end of Sept. Yesterday I sneezed and felt a flipping again and pain. It feels "swollen" inside like there is something stuck in there. I can still feel it moving. Slower output today so hoping there isn't a partial blockage.

I'm worried that it is adhesions pulling. The last surgery was horribly painful to recover from and I'm scared.
Anyone else feel this intestinal flipping and flopping around?
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Can you call and ask your doctor's office to write you in if they have any cancellations?

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