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Potential new

Hi - just when you think life has setteld down a bit it jumps right back up.

17 yr old son has been on remicade since feb 2015 so 18 months. has been great and absolutely fine. it has given him his life back. We had a couple of months where he had huge mouth ulcers for a few days after his infusion (has it every 7 weeks) but that settled down.

New problem is he has inflamed gums yet his dental hygiene is excellent along with the fact he has never had a fizzy drink or sweet in his life! I am really worried it is linked to the medication rahter than 'normal person' teeth issues. I have read a few things that say others have seemed to have issues.

Any advice, help or experience welcomed.
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My kiddo has also had inflamed gums that did not seem to be related to dental hygiene. Over time, they got better. Honestly, we didn't do anything differently -- just waited it out. There is research that links gum disease to autoimmune conditions.

But I'd ask your dentist and GI -- perhaps they have a special mouth wash or something he could use?

Glad he mostly doing well! That's great to hear!
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Have you tried searching for 'inflamed gums' on the fotum? I know I recently read a post with a possibly similar question..

Sorry, I have no advice though...
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