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Colorectal Surgeon Says He Suspects Crohns...

Hi Everyone,

26 year old male in Florida. Resisted posting on the internet about any of this but with no insurance and little money, reaching out for advice.

Saw a Colorectal Surgeon last year for some problems in that area who did a physical exam and reviewed medical records. He wrote that IBS (crohns) is suspected in the office medical records. He recommended seeing a GI. Had insurance at the time for about 5 minutes and didn't get to a GI.

For years, starting when I was about 20, I lost all kinds of weight (130 at lowest in hospital, 6'1", 160lbs all through high school (athlete) until getting ill, was constantly sick and throwing up, constipation (rarely ever diarrhea), strong abdominal pain (crampy ache feeling in belly, tired, passing blood in stool, fevers, swollen lymph nodes (groin), petechia at times, short of breath, frequent urination, rashes, night sweats...

When I say night sweats, I mean absolutely drenching sweats that required changing all clothes and sheets EVERY SINGLE NIGHT for MONTHS. Wake up cold, nauseous and sopping. These happened when I was in the hospital and they actually had an oncologist come see me talking about lymphoma lmao.

Quick breakdown:

2010 - Intestinal Blockage - Hospital Admission

2011 - Intussusception (Small Intestine) - Hospital Admission, avoided surgery. Was violently ill.

2013 - Intestinal Blockage - Suspected TB Reactivation which wasn't the case - Hospital Admission

2014 - Laproscopic Appendectomy (Appendicitis) - Overnight surgery, Out of hospital next day. This resolved many of the GI problems and vomiting that I had been experiencing for a few years; though not fully.

In between the years of 2010 and 2014 there were a few other admission that I'm not thinking of just now for blockages, low potassium from vomiting, uncontrollable prolonged vomiting. Was using the ER this entire time as I had no insurance, little money and just didn't give a #(@% about much at that time.

Anyway, fast forward to the colorectal surgeon. I've been passing tons of mucus for awhile, sometimes having accidents that consist of mostly mucus. Thrown away lots of underwear and it's getting too expensive to continue this way. Still abdominal pain, bad sometimes, no night sweats, and, well, anal problems. He mentioned perianal crohns. I get exteme itching, skin tags which are very painful, hemorrhoids (internal & external), pain (sharp lightning bolt type pain sometimes), bleeding, stools are thin and oddly shaped (I think from inflammation), that area is just a mess and killing me lol. VERY inflamed and sore. Still have 1-2 solid bowel movements a day though without fail.

Need to seek medical help, little money, no insurance and looking for advice. Located n Tampa Bay area, FL. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated. Functioning just fine but this has been like a darn monkey on my back. lol Need to figure out what the heck is wrong. Thanks everyone.
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I am sorry for all that you have been through. When I was wondering , I was having accidents all the time. My boss suggested more than once to get adult diapers. That might help you rather than throwing away underwear and buying new underwear. You might want to post on the section General IBD Discussion. Someone there might have suggestions concerning affording medical expenses even with financial trouble.

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