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My long & confusing story with IBD

I'm new to this forum, although I've been an occasional visitor for some time now.
15 years ago, I was diagnosed with UC after spending 2 weeks with uncontrollable diarrhea & rectal bleeding. I was hospitalized for a week while doctors got control of my GI issues. They sent me home with a prescriptions for Pentasa. The Pentasa worked right away and I went into remission for about 12 - 13 years. (in fact, my 2nd colonoscopy showed NO signs of ever having had UC)
During the last 13 years, I've dealt with what doctors told me was IBS-D&C.
Last year, I started experiencing stomach ailments like heartburn, aching, and burning. After several months of dealing with a GP who thought I could meditate it all away, I was sent to a new GI dr. He ordered a colonoscopy and endoscopy. His diagnosis was Crohn's Colitis. I was prescribed Budesonide for 8 weeks to control the flare up. The medicine worked like a dream and I stopped the Budesonide but went back on Pentasa for maintenance. Everything was fine until I quit smoking (7 weeks ago) at the advice of all my doctors. 4 days after I quit, I became horribly constipated and started noticing bright red blood on the toilet paper. I emailed my doctors right away asking for advice. It was decided we would treat the constipation first in hopes that the blood was just local irritation from that. Well, I am no longer constipated and am actually having what are regular BMs for me. However, I am still bleeding rectally every morning and every night. I will feel the urge to go to the bathroom but only pass some gas - mixed with some mucus and drops of blood. I would guess that I'm losing about a 1/4 cup of blood daily. I am once again taking Budesonide along with the Pentasa. I'm also on Welbutrin to continue helping with the smoking cessation.
If any of you have made it this far in my rambling, I guess what i'm really asking is: has anyone else experienced this? How long do these types of flare ups last? I've been on the Budesonide for 3.5 weeks now and had expected to see a significant improvement by now. Seeing blood in the toilet every day is really starting to worry me.
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I would be concerned about the blood also. I would call your doctor and let him/her know what is going on
Please let us know what is going on.

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