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Wish people understood more

I have been going through ulcerative colitis for a few years until it worsened, at this time they remove my colon. I now have crohn's disease that is getting worse and has me sick in bed or going to doctors or the bathroom. I have been out of work for five months hoping I can get better to go back.My disease happens at anytime and going to a set scheduled job does not work. I tried working the first of the year between jan and april 4 th I had missed27 days. One can't keep this schedule and expect to keep a job. My short term disability doesn't understand and I have to fil out paperwork up to two times a week. My doctor has been great. I hev average going to the ER about twice a month because I can;t stand the pain and the blockage
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I apologise for all you have gone through. It would be great if more people understood.

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