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Tired of the ER. doctors

I have had a lot of bad spells this year and have ended up in the ER. When I get there there doctors pokes and prods. My pain level is at 8-10. He takes a blood test gives me a pain shot and that is the rest of the time seeing. No follow up. A little while later the nurse takes out my if and send me home. I have asked for the doctor to come in and explain what the he'll is going on tipicul response is I gave you a pain shot. I am not here for just a pain shot I want to find out what's going on. Last time I was there I had no bowel or urine for a week. My GI doctor is the best and is trying everything. The ER doctors act like I am fake this.
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That doesn't make sense. Is there another er you can go to ?
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What diagnosis, if any, has your GI provided? ER docs are not usually not skilled in treating difficult chronic GI diseases. For a serious GI disease they will mostly try to get your symptoms under control (in this case your pain) long enough for your to follow-up with your GI doc. Or if your condition is severe they may admit you to the hospital where, again, you can be followed up by the proper specialists.
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The ER is not the place to get a diagnosis. Their priority is to take care of the immediate problem, like your pain. When I have gone to the ER I usually would end up with an IV for hydration and pain medicine. When the pain is under control they sent me home.

However, in June 2010 I made a trip to the ER that did a lot towards getting my diagnosis. the ER doctor did the IV therapy and pain meds like others before him. But he ordered an abdominal CT scan. He suspected a blockage. The CT not only showed my blockage, but also showed my inflamed bowel. He said it looked like a string of sausage links. He became the first to mention Crohn's disease to me. He sent me to a new GI, and in the next couple of months the diagnosis was confirmed.

Generally though, it would be the specialists that would do the diagostic testing. Not the ER.
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