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Introducing myself

Oddly enough I was sure I already had an account here.. Odd how I didn't.. Anyway.

I was diagnosed with crohns when I was 9, am now almost 28 (4 weeks). Treatment started with prednisone, 5asa (salofalk) and Imuran. I have never needed any surgeries, but follow up colonoscopies every 5 years due to pre cancerous polyps found about 15 years ago.

Fortunately for me my crohns has been manageable for most of my life, with most of my flare ups being during my childhood with only 2 hospitalizations.

Today I am only on 50mg/day of Imuran (a very, very low dose for someone my size, 6' tall and 200+lbs) and medical marijuana. This dose of Imuran doesn't do a lot for me, but I supplement it with marijuana whenever I have and pain or nausea. I would rather some pain than the terrible side effects of higher doses of Imuran or alternative drugs.

If there is one thing I have learned in my almost 20 years of having crohns (more specifically the past 10 years) it is that cannabis is one of my best friends. Instant relief from pain, cramping, nausea, and a great appetite booster (not that I need this!).
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Welcome. I wish continued success for you. Keep us updated.

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