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Starting New Medication

My son, L, has Ulcerative Colitis.

He's in his second week of taking Asacol. His first week he started out at 1/am. Second(current) week, he's now at 1/am and 1/pm and goes to full dose this Sunday at 1/am and 2/pm. He's tried two other 5-Asa's previously. The Salofalk caused bleeding right away. The Mezavant didn't seem to have any adverse effects but didn't really seem to be doing much either(loose stools and stomach pain keeping him from camp).

Currently there's no blood in stool but his stools are varying between loose and somewhat formed and he is missing school due to feeling bad but it appears that some days he feels much better once the medication "kicks in". I have no problem waiting the 2-3 months but I also don't want to waste time on a drug that's not working either.I know the doctor said (and I've seen on the forum) that medications can take a few months to kick in, I'm just wondering what that means? Should he be getting steadily better or will he have some days better than others for a while?

Is it possible that he may be eating something that's aggravating him during his flareup which could be causing this? He's currently gluten free but eats regularly otherwise.

I know he hasn't been on the medication long, I just get anxious watching him not able to go to school or leave the bathroom and then feeling better for a bit and then back to not feeling well again. He's in his second week of school and has only done one full day so far.

I'm really hoping this last 5-asa will do the trick but I'm prepared to step up to Imuran if it doesn't but not thrilled about it.

I appreciate anyone who can share their experiences or advice with this!
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5-Asa work if they are going to work within a month
6-mp/Aza Imuran take 3-6 months to work
Biologics take 6-8 weeks to work
Mtx takes 8-12 weeks

So that gives you an idea
When meds work your child typically has very few off days unless they are battling something else like a cold or allergies
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