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Kid's diet

My 14 year old was diagnosed with Crohn's 4 months ago. She was slow IN gaining her weight back. She quickly became tired of the chicken and fish diet. She is able to eat the foods she love before the illness. I am just wondering what your kids eat? I feel like I am failing her. I was told in the hospital no fruits or vegetables. During her last visit with the GI, I was told those items are okay. I'm just wondering what your kids eat daily.
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What everyone can handle kid or adult varies greatly and what they can handle in remission is vastly different than food they tolerate during a flare.
Typically during a flare most don't tolerate RAW fruits or veggies .
So don't tolerate them after a flare either
Most tolerate well cooked veggies /peeled fruit
General rule most Gi don't permit popcorn , whole seeds or nuts
Until recently Ds ate anything and everything but raw carrots or salad
But he developed gastroparesis last year which makes a lot of foods harder to digest and eat

We follow the general rule of don't limit something unless it's proven to cause a repeatable problem when not in a flare
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We follow the same rule -- only limit food when it really causes symptoms (for my daughter, salad is one of those foods!). But she does tolerate cooked veggies, as long as they are well-cooked. And soups work well too.

Besides chicken, turkey, shrimp and fish work well for her. Beef does not go so well but she insists on eating it.

The only rule we got was no nuts, seeds or popcorn. I think it's really trial and error, other than that.
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My son was told to go on a low residue diet when first diagnosed. So low fibre foods, like chicken fish, potatoes, white bread. Once he was feeling better he could go back to a regular (but as healthy as possible) diet.
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