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Stress, sleep and fasting [My experience of 15 years old with crohn]


I'm come back.

When we are well, we lost to share with other. So this is just my experience, and sorry for my bad English, I live in France.

When i not fine, I try to work in these 4 points.

- Fasting: I think is the best for me, if I eat, and I'm feeling sick, I stop eating and drinking for 18 hours, twice in week.

- Stress: I think stress is the most important thing in crohn. When I worked for a new job, the crohn came back. Why? Because of many factors: (work stress, worse job, bad salary, not enought sleep, negative person...). When I was in the beach with a friend for few days, I felt good (sun, sleep on the sand...) (just take a break). I forget hard work.

- Sleep: When I worked, I didn't sleep enought. Day after day, I was tired. lessSleep -> affect my body -> affect my digestion. So now, I try to sleep well and try to don't lost one night.

- Food: I could place the food in one position, I already tried to eat just good food, but without a good environment it's wast of time ! I tried vegan, paleo.... Now I eat like everyone (in France we eat healthy, I don't know in Usa), just I delete milk (just sometimes in coffee), reduce gluten and sugar. I eat easy digest wholefood (banana, fish, good oil, rice, every day.). I eat twice in a day, because when I eat more, I can't digest. (some people eat just one meal per day!).

Last word (ENVIRONMENT): be happy, be happy for what you have. Do something and do work you love and stop thinking you are a sick person with crohn, but just a person and forget you disease. We have crohn, me too, we just to live with it and live.

A history about a job: I worked in factory (not the best job) but workers and the atmosphere were nice; but when I was fired, I was sad and the pain come back. weeks later, they called me to came back to work and the pain were reduced. So, I know many people with crohn stay alone because they thinking "i'm sick, so I just stay at home alone, thinking about crohn, just do nothing, sleep, and again....". Have people around you is so important.

I have crohn since 15 years (I am 26 years old now), I have one surgery at 20.

Thanks for your attention,

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Hi. My wife doesn't like me to fast. She is afraid it will affect the disease.
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After my resection, my doctor told me to eat smaller meals more frequently. I agree about stress. Also, my mother used to tell me that there is always someone worse off than you.
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I LOVE this post, seriously this is a person who is handling this well with great advice. So cheers to you Zac, and your English is fine, better then my French for sure

I feel better at the beach too.

be well, ty
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DS doesn't fast per say but does switch to all formula and pedialtye for two days when he feels bad which helps tremendously.

Your body still need nutrition even if your sick
Fasting just puts it in a worse state since your now trying to fight off things without full strength

What meds do you take to keep things under control better ?
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bonjour zac..I'm newly diagnosed with ulcerative colitis so a bit in experieced..the fasting thing does make me feel better but the consequences are a bit random..i do feel less 'burdened' but i can become afflicted with acute fatigue..sleep..blessed sleep..the symptoms keep me awake but i do recommend taking your down time get kitted out with a comfy bed and space..stress..tell me about it..i'm trying relaxation techniques like breathing and meditation..all a bit new for me having had a very high tension lifestyle LOL..the english diet don't help though
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I fast for 24 hours once a week or so to prevent diabetes mainly, but there are other reasons to do it also. They are finding it can rebuild the immune system.

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I am a believer in the intermittent fasting since I am Diabetic II. My son, who was just diagnosed with Crohn's made a habit of fasting to keep fit for 12-16 hours while working nights at a very physical job. We have wondered if that had anything to do with him being vulnerable to Crohn's. I'm pretty sure that's a stretch but at the beginning you look at everything as the cause. I.F. does help my Glucose numbers so I still believe in it.
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GREAT post! So many important points! Thank you for sharing!
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I believe stress is definitely a huge factor here, especially when researchers discover the "gut-brain axis". keep being upbeat and optimistic, miracles happen.

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