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Epiduo gel for acne

I took DS (17 yo) to the dermatologist for a mole check and while there he asked to be put on something for his mild acne. Doc knows he has Crohn's and so I said I didn't want antibiotics. He prescribed Epiduo gel. Anyone else use this? Safe for Crohn's? Effective for mild acne?
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I think mehita used it on her son a while ago without issues
Do a topic search it was discussed a year or so ago maybe
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Hi. My son used it with no issues. I pretty much freaked out and didn't want him to have it because he has flared with antibiotics and / or painkillers after a leg surgery. No problem at all though.

It is very very effective. There is a new version called Epiduo Forte that works even better.
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We tried it but it dried the skin out too much so had to stop
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I've had moderate severe acne for years , I wouldn't suggest anything from a derm. Try eliminating milk for cheese studies show this can reduce acne and get some omega 3's occasionally like canola or walnuts and some fish. exfoliate with a strong high quality glycolic acid face wash, when you unblock the pores they don't close up and cause acne. try it let me know if it helps. I used doxycylcine oral antibiotic for years now its linked to crohn's disease in studies.
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My daughter has been using epiduo for several years with no issues.

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Yes, my son uses the Epiduo Gel and it's worked very well for him. He even had cystic acne and we were able to avoid abx by using the Epiduo. Occasionally his skin does get too dry from the gel, but then he just uses a moisturizing lotion for a couple days and it evens out.
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