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Humira side effects

Has anyone ever suffered from anxiety/insomnia/hallucinations/panic attacks from taking humira. I know its a shot in the dark, but im trying to make sense of whats happening to me and hoping that im not going crazy. Ive been on humira for about 6mths now and a few weeks ago i had an episode with all the above side effects in one night. I havent slept since! I ended up falling down the stairs which injured me quite badly and since then its been a nightmare! In other words its scared the crap out of me and ive not been able to sleep. But even when im awake im suffering with anxiety. Any comments appreciated.
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Hi there, all meds have side effects. That varies with each person. Speak to your Doctor about this especially as it is making you anxious. I hope you feel better soon.
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I have been taking Humira for two years and have had anxiety issues - though to be fair I did have them before starting on the Humira. Also had some insomnia but that seems to be typical with Crohns. My main side effects have been muscles & joints and skin issues.

I would suggest that you talk to both your Consultant and your GP. I see that you are in the UK. I asked for support from my GP and I had both 1:1 counselling (6 month wait) and CBT (2 week wait). The other thing that can have some success is Mindfulness. All of these are non-medical approaches. Your GP may also suggest a short course of a medicine for anxiety.

Just remember that it is hard at times dealing with this condition and also the various drugs and it is OK to feel anxious - it is a natural reaction to what you are going through.

All the best.

DX - June 2012 with mild/moderate Crohns. In July 2012 bowel perforated unexpectedly and needed emergency surgery.
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Previous meds - Allergic to Azathioprine, 6MP, Pentasa & Asacol, Methotrexate injections (didn't work). Stopped Humira after 2 years due to ineffectiveness.
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Have your magnesium levels tested I know when I'm low in magnesium I get bad anxiety and insomnis
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I have been on humira for one year so far and it works pretty good for me. I only have site pain/bleeding side effects and immune problems from the med. I really don't like doing a shot but know I have to.

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