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Thanks for the advice guys. As expected I went to the dentist this morning and he said my tooth isn't infected but my gum is since a wisdom tooth is popping through !. I'm 21 and I actually thought they'd already all come through. With not much room for the wisdom tooth to come through my gum is taking the damage.

I told him my concerns about the antibiotics given my past history with them and he asked which antibiotic it was. When I told him I was on several but tetracycline seemed to be the worst of the bunch he wrote me out a prescription for amoxicillin.

Afterwards I went to a local pharmacy who prefer natural products and asked them about the allicin , he mentioned because not much blood supply gets to the teeth he's not sure if it would be effective enough but to take 10 ( yes ten ! ) allicin capsules per day for 3 days whilst also swilling my mouth with salt water twice a day and see how I go. If the pain is still there and bothering me then I'll likely have to take the antibiotics.

I hope the allicin and salt water will work !. I'm happy to say I had a really pleasant and understanding dentist at least , wish me luck lol !.
hey, i have had the same problems with my gums getting infected with wisdom teeth, for a temporary fix before you get them removed, rinse with baking soda and water and be careful not to chew on the the infected side, nor brush them too hard as you can push food further into the gum to get infected. also, i gently take a dulled tooth pic and scrape the inside of the gum to try and free any lodged food in the gum.

i have done this like 4 times in the last 9 months as i do not want any dental work for another year. it takes like a week for the infection to subside, but by doing these things it always goes away. i still know i need the wisdom teeth taken out though.
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Thanks for the advice , it's much appreciated. I hope the infection only lasts a week. So you didn't take any antibiotics then ?. That gives me some faith that my regime could work then.
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You may not even be infected. When your wisdom teeth are cutting, it normally will cause pain. I know I use to get awful pain in one of mine every time it would try and cut through. I did eventually have them removed. Hopefully this will pass once it stops cutting through.
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You may not even be infected. When your wisdom teeth are cutting, it normally will cause pain. I know I use to get awful pain in one of mine every time it would try and cut through. I did eventually have them removed. Hopefully this will pass once it stops cutting through.
good point, may not be infected at all just coming through the gums.
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Yep, most doctors do not push probitoics. Though I have seen 2 Gastro doctors who have( including the one I see now). Even my primary care doctor recommends them to her patients. Sadly, doctors do not like to recommend probiotics because they are not FDA approved( which means nothing really!). I do not trust the FDA at all, hell, they approve things that actually caused death to people during trials!! Enough said there.

How long after you had taken the antibiotics did you come down with crohns symptoms?
hey, sorry took me so long to respond, but I started having the uncontrollable acid reflux the week after stopping all the antibiotics from my sinus probs and tonsil surgery and I believe the uncontrollable reflux was the first sign of my crohn's bc from there I started having more and more abdominal issues until my crohn's diagnosis and subsequent prescription for steroids and all that.....I just finished a round of doxycycline for a skin infection and the doxy made me constipated and screwed my stomach up badly for the entire 10 days I was on it...3 days of a "probiotic blitz" after stopping the doxy and I feel much much better
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I'm starting to see that diet and probiotic supplementation seem to be more effective than entocort or asacol for my crohn's symptoms...for some reason, unlike most crohn's sufferers I get badly constipated if I am flaring instead of the other way around. If I'm not pooping at least 3 times a day I feel completely awful
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Same with me...I took amoxicillin and four weeks later symptoms began. I don't know that it triggered the disease but I suspect it did.
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My health issues have gone full circle. It started with breast sepsis following a biopsy. * weeks of high does antibiotics, then crohns symptoms that stopped after a month on Pentasa. 2 weeks ago breast inflammation, more antibiotics and now tummy pains are back again. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. There has to be a link between antibiotics and Crohns
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2 five day doses of Azithromycin for severe bronchitis gave me the flare that has never gone away. Almost 9 years now.

Louann Carroll
Crohn's survivor and advocate
Trying the natural method that's not working so well right now. I DO NOT recommend this to anyone.
First diagnosed 12/4/10
Humira 4/7/11 and lovin' it

Previous Meds:

Methotrexate--had kidney/liver damage
Lialda--allergic to aspirin--but didn't know until my Crohn's got much worse.
Prednisone--only when I have to!
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My crohns was diagnosed 15 years ago, but have had 2 flares in the last year that were attributed to antibiotics. I'm so afraid to get sick because I won't take the antibiotics unless absolutely necessary now. I generally get a lovely case of Pancreatitis with each flare too so will avoid antibiotics at all costs. I do find taking a daily dose of probiotics helps my pain and bloating - 50 billion is the dose I take.
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I believe that my Crohn's was brought about by a parade of antibiotics I had to treat a prostate infection. In a month and a half space of time I was proscribed 3 different antibiotics. I believe this completely "nuked" all the good bacterial flora in my bowls and not to long afterwards I was in a docs office hearing all about IBD for the first time. I do not think this is a coincidence.
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My Crohn's started right after a round of antibiotics Cefdinir - turned my stools maroon by the 3rd day, which I immediatly discontinued. D has never gone away since the antibiotics.
Diagnosises - Mast Cell Activation Disorder, IBD Small Intestine-duodenum-villi blunted, Bile Acid/Fat Malabsorption, Chronic nausea-vomiting/pain, esophageal dismotility, mucosal edema, acid hypersecretion, Lymphocytic Colitis, Ocular Migraines, gallbladder removed

Current Meds: H1 H2 Anti Histamines, PPI, Enteragam, Lomotil, Phenergan, Percoset

Meds that did not work: Pentasa, Lialda, Zenpep, Entocort EC, Carafate, Elavil, Lotronex, Desipramine, Questran/Welchol severe bloating/pain.
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I was diagnosed in 1996 after having taken Biaxin an antibiotic for a sinus infection (I never had sinus trouble in my whole life). It made me nauseas, I told my dr., he prescribed something for the nausea which didn't really help, I got a yeast infection on my tongue which I got another prescription for. I finished the Biaxin, got rid of the sinus infection and then the yeast infection, then, within a week, I went to the emergency room , dehydrated and almost passing out from diahrrea, sent to a gastro, had the colonoscopy and diagnosed with crohns. I would be my life on the conclusion that Biaxin, a strong antibiotic, caused me to get crohns. I've always been a slender, athletic, active, healthy woman...I used to be...before Crohns. Now I'm in an acupuncture/supplement program trying to heal my gut instead of taking anti-inflamitories to maintain my symptoms.
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Mine started after z-pack. After doing an elimination diet and taking cipro and flagyl to combat what I believe but have no proof was C diff or unbalance of gut bacteria, I have come back to normal. In fact, my bowel movements are better than when I was a kid when my stomach was bad from old food and questionable sanitation by my parents who have guts of steel. You need to normalize gut microbiome. Google microbiome and eat organic euro style yogurt and fermented foods and bananas after an elimination diet. Cycle supplements and diet (no extremism) be patient natural methods take months to see results as opposed to pharmaceuticals. Drink a lot of pure water daily, sleep 7-8 hours, and stress management( exercise and mediation). Don't expect quick results. You can heal your life. I'm living proof I was Fd for 5 years. Symptom free for almost three years, and antibiotic free for 3 years. Cipro flagyl will knock back bad bacterial overgrowth as will xifaxan. Good luck finding xifaxan or a doc who thinks bacteria or what you eat (GMO's) have anything to do with digestive issues. Smoking was good for you too until it was bad. The earth was flat until it was round. Wax on, wax off.

PS do not ask for antibiotics for colds and sinus infections unless you have a fever or symptoms that will not go away. Ask for specific antibiotics as opposed to broad spectrum like z pack to avoid gut problems. Yogurt and fermented foods have more probiotics than supplants except for S Boulardi. Def buy and take S Boulardi. Google elongation diet and intermittent fasting.

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