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Odd question about Imuran

This may seem like an odd question, but it's better safe than sorry, right? I am on 150mg of Imuran, which as we know, is an immune system suppressant. I currently wear glasses, and have never even tried contacts in the past, but I'm interested in doing so now (wearing contacts, that is). Because people on Imuran are more prone to infections, I am wondering if wearing contacts is still safe? Or will I be getting constant eye infections? Oh, and while we're on the subject of this, does anyone know if it would be safe for me to get another ear piercing, or will it get infected? Thanks!
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I've had tattoos done and wore contacts while on imuran. It's not an odd question, I worried about it too. Imuran is suppressing your immune system, so yes you probably will be more prone to have trouble than other people, but if you are careful you should be fine.
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How do you do with piercings in general? I suck at healing them so I would never try for another piercing now while on Imuran and Humira. My ears always get infected for about 3 months and then they finally settle down afterwards (I've had them pierced... 4 times and one I did on my own) Actually, the ones I pierced on my own healed better than the ones I had done with the piercing gun. Then my belly button is a WHOLE other story. It was infected for months and months afterwards. I almost gave up but it finally healed up.

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