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Can you eat turnips?

I tried turnips in the past, and I recall that it made my GI symptoms worse. Now that I'm in sort of remission I'm considering trying them again. So my question comes:

Can you eat turnips without any GI problems? If so, how much is safe to eat for you?

According to this list turnips shouldn't be a problem in regards to FODMAP intolerance.

Thanks in advance.
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Tony H
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I'm eating turnips a lot at the moment and I'm not having any problem
I have a STOMA and the output is fine , maybe try a little and see how you get on .

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Tony H
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just had a visit from my stoma nurse this morning and she told me that turnip can cause a lot of wind , I was wondering what was causing my bag to inflate and it might be the turnip , I was eating quite a lot of it lately .
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Ive never had any trouble eating turnip, which im pleased about as I realy like them.

-TONY thank you for the wind info lol, I thought it was the onions, pickled onions that eat a lot of
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Fine with baked and roasted turnips.
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I ate quite a lot of them a while ago (always cooked), don't really fancy them now, but still tolerate them.
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