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Modulen and eyes?

Hi everyone my 12 yr old son was dx with crohn's and colitis 5 weeks ago and has been on modulen view ng tube for the last 5 weeks. He was doing really well up to a week ago when he started having a few accidents of not getting to the toilet and feeling sick then starting with pain in his eyes a bit but yesterday and today after his 2nd feed he has got really bad pain in his eyes and they go red is this due to the module? He had a bleed last night as well which hasn't happened since starting modulen. He is due to start azathioprine next week but can only have a low dose as his TPMT levels are low
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Uvetis and iritis are common with crohns
Please see an opthamologist (medical doctor ) not a an optometrist
Let his gi know today
Uvetitis can cause you to lose your sight
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I agree - it could be uveitis or iritis. Redness and pain are very common with both and it needs to be checked out ASAP.
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