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Second ER visit in 2 weeks

DD had her first kidney stone a few months ago in June, the CT they did then showed multiple stones in her right kidney and gallstones too. About two weeks ago she woke up with the same pain and we brought her back to the same ER and they did an ultrasound and an X-ray and said it was likely another stone. She called me from school today with the same right flank pain and we're back. They want to do another CT scan and I finally said yes but I'm nervous. She had two scans last November to help diagnose her Crohn's and then one in June. This will be her fourth scan in a year and since she's also on Remicade her risk is already a bit higher!

Anyone here have experience with kidney stones with their Crohn's? They said they want a CT to make sure they're "not missing anything" and that her renal pelvis looks slightly larger than two weeks ago. They said they need to get a closer look in case they need to do any "procedures". DD freaked out! It doesn't help that we're in the same place she was diagnosed and it's almost exactly a year later. I hope she doesn't have to spend ANOTHER Thanksgiving in the hospital! On the plus side, she's not having pain anymore. Any ideas, advice, info is MUCH appreciated!
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Kidney stones can be common in Crohn's patients, especially if symptoms are not under control. I've had several bouts of stones, but thankfully (and PAINFULLY!) was able to pass what I had. If the pain is gone, that is good - maybe she passed the stone.....

I go for annual checks to make sure I'm not forming any additional stones, my Dr. has advised me to drink lots of fluids (to help keep things flushed out), and also to drink lemonade as it helps stop the formation of the most common types of stone (I forget which exactly).

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We don't have any experience with kidney stones, but I do know that kids with Crohn's are at higher risk for them.

Have you informed her GI? He/She may want to refer you to a urologist.

Sending hugs !
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