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Hello. I've been on Humira a year now. I don't really have any side-effects, but I am tired most of the time, especially even more so after my injection day, is this common? Like, I will be extremely tired for days after. I am on Humira 80mg (40mg x2 injections--bi-weekly.) I take two injections every other week. I also have problems with weight gain. I lose weight constantly and have such a hard time gaining weight, and a hard time keeping weight on. Is there anyway to gain weight with Crohn's/Colitis? Thank you for any replies (: They're very appreciated. Xx
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Hi. Have you had any blood work done? You may need b12/iron. As far as weight gain, you can try nutrition shakes that don't have carregeenan in them.
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Hello, have you a colonoscopy to check whether you are in remission from the humira? Active crohn's could be the cause of fatigue and weight issues. I am having both these issues right now myself. I am taking ensure shakes otherwise I will just slowly lose pound after pound. If I drink two a day that's an extra 800 calories. I found after my resection when the inflammation was surgically removed I had SO much energy. It is only since I have been flaring that the fatigue has returned.

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