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Holiday Treats ~ to Avoid?

Hi, Happy holidays.
Each year many of us are tempted with holiday treats that can be a disaster to our guts if we indulge. Help me think of a few things I might be able to try. Some can have a tiny bit but others can't touch...

part of my list of no way includes: popcorn balls
ham, fudge, anything with chunky nuts, celery.

my OK for a tiny bit (holiday only) a tiny candy cane, couple cookies, rice krispie treats, mini tarts

So, what is your no way treats or a OK for a tiny bit?

Happy Holidays,
Be well, God bless
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I've always been big on rice krispie treats. They're soft on my stomach and (bonus) not very high in calories. Satisfies the sweet tooth!
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I hate Christmas now - everybody gorging themselves on lovely stuff and I can't eat any of it.
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I'm on pred and also doing the low-FODMAP diet right now, so I'm trying to stick to that diet and not eat too much because of course pred makes me balloon up. Dark chocolate is allowed on low-FODMAP so I've been having that as a treat, in small amounts because too much chocolate can make my GERD unhappy. Most candies and treats sadly aren't allowed on low-FODMAP - I'm not allowed anything like fructose or sweeteners. So dark chocolate it is!
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I can't eat chocolate, or anything too high in fat. For dessert, I make trifle every year. Cake, pudding and fruit preserves layered in a bowl topped with whipped cream. It's soooo good. I can eat most baking without problems.

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