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Double dose

Has anybody here ever been on a double dose of humira 2 pens fortnightly instead of one and did you notice any difference.

I eneded up in the hospital about a month ago and they found a partial blockage a stricture and a fistula they put me on remicade but I'm convinced that humira is better for me but I was so out of it at the hospital that when they said they were going to give me remicade instead of humira I should of asked for a double dose but they said the humira wasn't working would a double dose be better?
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Taking Humira weekly (one pen per week) is pretty common in the US. It's done if the patient does not respond to one pen every other week, or if they have a partial response that wears off or if they lose response over time.

Some people do use two pens every two weeks instead of one pen per week, but it's less common here. For whatever reason, when doctors need to increase the Humira dose, they tend to go to weekly shots, instead of just doing two shots every two weeks.

Both my daughters have been on weekly Humira shots. Increasing the dose made a big difference for both of them.

There are some kids who are given even higher doses - one Humira shot every 5 or 6 days.
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Never heard of two pens at once
But ...
Ds is on humira every 5 days (one pen)
His was working just wearing off quickly
Hope the remicade works out well
Ds loved it .
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I was originally on the normal dose of 1 injection every other week. I was taken off humira due to problems with insurance. I missed only one dose and my symptoms returned, as bad as before starting Humira. I ended up getting insurance to cover it again, and my doctor decided it would be best to put me on two injections every other week, as opposed to one. I take 4 a month, 2 every other week. It has helped me a lot! I used to be unable to even get out of bed. I hope you figure everything out and something helps! Xoxo

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I started Humira on a regular dose of 1 injection bi-weekly with little improvement, increased to 2 injections bi-weekly with slight improvement, increased again a year later to 1 weekly which worked for another year but then symptoms returned. GI increased again to 2 injections WEEKLY. I'm pretty sure he was using me as a guinea pig as the nurse at Progress (the company that deals with funding etc. In Canada) had never heard of anyone on that high a dose (in her experience anyway). I had some improvement initially but then kinda levelled out and started getting sick again after 7 months. My GI felt that 2 weekly injections was not worth the risks for the little I was getting from the drug so we switched to Stelara last December

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