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Unsure, recently diagnosed

I was recently diagnosed with Crohn's about a month ago after a trip the hospital. They put me on Pentasa (anti inflammatories) and I started to feel a little a better. For the past week or so though, I've started to feel really swollen in my abdomen and back (I'm not talking just bloated but legit swollen, like it hurts and feel sensitive). I'm having trouble going to the bathroom even after two doses of moralax, I still feel like I haven't completely emptied my Bowles. I still haven't been in to see a GI because the office is backed up and they won't even speak to me over the phone since they haven't seen me yet. is this an issue I should go back to the hospital for?
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As My Little Penguin will tell you (I don't know how to tag from my iPad on this site yet), Pentasa is not approved for treatment of crohn's as a monotherapy, because it treats only the top layer of the intestines, but can be given along with another medication.

I am not a doctor, so treat my opinion with a large helping of salt, but it sounds like you might be working on a bowel obstruction, which can occur with crohn's. It is definitely worth at the least a trip to your GP and/or your nearest best ER to have some imaging done. A stiff belly with constipation is never a good sign with IBD. Let us know how you are doing, please.
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I was diagnosed with Crohn's in my ileum (lower intestine) which could be why it hasn't reduced any inflammation. Thank you so much for the advice. My primary doesn't want to respond to any of my concerns because she doesn't know much about the Disease and my GI won't comment until our first concsult. So thank you, I appreciate getting s different perspective. If it gets worse I may head over to the ER
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I agree with Jabee. You also might want another GP.

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