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Colonoscopy Prep

DS had been in remission is now flaring. It's been a few years since scopes, so he is having upper/lower endoscopy to see how inflamed he is. His appointment is at 3:00 in the afternoon. The colonoscopy prep directions the hospital sent are the generic "start at 8:00" directions. If his appointment is in the afternoon, can we start this later? He's 15. This will be his third set of scopes. We've always had AM appointments and never had any issues with not being fully cleaned out!
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Ds has had more than a few afternoon scopes
Has started inpatient prep later even though they knew he was having a scope the next day
Later equals no sleep at all since the prep takes so long to work and they don't give you anything after midnight on the day of the scope
Not fun
Starting at 8 am has worked so much better from a sleep standpoint
Ds has had 7 scopes so far
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I've done the afternoon scope before (actually prefer it).

With golytely type prep it is split. Drink half the jug the night before. Drink the other half first thing in the morning.

I find it easier to do it that way than drink the whole jug the night before as per the AM scope instructions...

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