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Poop after colonoscopy

Im after a bit of advice.

My boy had a colonoscopy/endoscopy and biopsy december 10th and didn't poop for 10 days. When he did poop yesterday it was a very dark green and pasty poop not much either, He's been very gassy and was vomiting yesterday, His temp was 38 too. Should i be worried? he doesn't seem to be in pain just tired.

Im waiting on his results which wont be until Jan all i know he has inflammation and fissures.

I did call his GI monday because he hadn't pooped who told me to put him on movicol to help clear him out. Should i call her back with his new symptoms.

He doesn't eat any food and is on pediasure fibre milk so it cant be food related.
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You do need to call your GI - the symptoms do not sound like something you should wait around for. Especially if he has been intaking food (drink) - there needs to be something coming out.....add the distended stomach and vomiting I'd want to be seen as soon as possible. If the GI can't get you in you may want to think about a trip to A&E.

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