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Lamina propria is inflamed

Well i'm trying to gain information from several places to help me figure out what might be wrong.

Due to a family history, and age, it was suggested to have a colonscopy .
They found 4 small polyp's, 1 in the transverse colon, and the
remainder descending. All were benign, but the last line of the pathology
report, surprised me, "lamina propria is inflamed"......
The way it is presented, it was in all the samples.
The surgical report states that the bowel is unremarkable...thusly I would
take no signs of inflammation. Several months earlier I had a CT done
for a fear of a bladder tumor.....that was neg, but in the report there was
noted, mild to moderate diverticulosis...but no mention in the colonoscopy
report of this.

Here is the deal......i'm overweight, type II diabetic, have arthritis
and gout at platelets do run a bit lower than usual but
not critical...and at times feel bloated, and seems like sometimes
my "bowels" seem to take the energy out of me..... I am a bit tired
and don't have the energy I used to have....
one thing that is bothering me, I have suffered from night sweats for a
number of years.........whenever I fall asleep, even a namp in the
afternoon, the back of my head, and hair and shoulder are wet.......
and every night, I basicly soak my bed.......then I take a chill and
have a cold or something all the time.....

my doctor has not a clue. I've read the material, and asked for the usuall
things, such as sleep apena test run, TB, and a few others, nothing.

I am wondering, if this "inflamed" could be significant, and maybe lead
up to a constant infection, which would perhaps explain the night
sweats, and some of the arthritis ?

I asked about the test reports, and told "all was ok, and normal, and
need to have another colonoscopy for 3 to 5 years, and it wasn't cancer"

Thank you !
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Hi. My understanding is that a lot of people with IBD have night sweats.

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