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Are pureed greens OK?

I am newly diagnosed with Crohn's. I have yet to see a dietitian or nutritionist but see the GI on Wednesday and I am sure they will refer me. So far, I have been avoiding fiber. (And gluten, sugar, refined carbs, etc) I am wondering if the need to avoid fiber would also apply to puree? I like to get kale, broccoli and spinach into my diet if at all possible. I am wondering if I could puree it and cook it to make a stew, or if all fiber is a bad idea until one heals, pureed or not. Many thanks for your thoughts!
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Experiment to find out.

OK for me.
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I did do a really long answer 30 minutes ago. Very in-depth for you. But the forum keeps throwing me out, and I have to keep logging in again and again. And anything I post then goes missing. Very annoying. And I cannot be bothered to write it all out again. Sorry. Just experiment yourself.
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Give it a try.

I personally can't, especially when pureed, goes through even quicker. I can have steamed mangold, the other "green" vegetable I can have is steamed, cooked etc. courgette and some spinach leafs, oh, and broccoli as well as brussels sprouts (not too many).

You will notice over time if it works or not.
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not sure, but cooked spinach becomes super soft and i digest it well.
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