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Soft foods

I need to eat soft nourishing foods at the moment what are some good soft foods

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You can try baby foods, I used to do that when I'd flare and regular foods really bothered me.....

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My usual soft foods. Instant mash potatoes with packet gravy if feeling brave. Rice made with chicken or beef broth. Bread soaked in soup. Pasta with little to no sauce. Eggs sometimes steamed to death veggies
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Yogurt, yogurt, yogurt is what I can tolerate best when I don't feel like eating. Add in some quark for protein, super smooth and good bacteria (plain yogurt). If I can, I add dissolvable oats (from oat flour, or just oat flour if you can't find it).
For vegetables: Potatoes, potato puree etc., any soft cooked vegetables (carrots, broccoli etc.)
Also, if you like: Soups, juices (can't have that myself), protein shakes (neither) etc.
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I always go with soft scrambled eggs.
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My go to soft foods are Rice Krispies cereal (I eat it with skim milk because dairy doesn't bother me), cottage cheese, canned or fruit cup pears, applesauce, banana, chicken noodle soup or other mild soup with vegetables that you tolerate, mashed potatoes, tuna salad (I make it with olive oil mayo and some pickles), salmon, chicken, or turkey prepared just kind of plain, cooked green beans or carrots, popsicles and Italian ice. Basically I retreat back into hospital foods...

If you can get ahold of bone broth or make your own I also recommend that. I like to make a big broth and then make soup out of it it that I will eat for lunch all week.

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