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Humira and MVIs?

Hello everyone.

I am new here. I actually do not have crohn's, rather psoriatic arthritis, but do you know how difficult it is to find forum boards about humira?

I just had a few questions if that is OK. I have taken two doses of Humira and so far so good *knock on wood*. However, I am worried about my increased chances of getting colds/viruses. What sort of multivitamins do you take? I know echinacea is a big NO NO, but anything else I should avoid? I have been playing phone tag with my Humira representative, but want to start a MVI sooner rather than later.

I plan on starting non inflammatory diet as well next week after a bit more research to try and help decrease joint inflammation as well, not to mention finally start losing weight again.

Thank you for any information!
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Humira does not increase your risk of getting the average cold
Ds started biologics at age 8 so third grade
Lots of cough cold with kids in his class
Not Ds
He later switched to humira after 8 months of remicade (allergic reaction )
He is now in 7th grade no issues
Autoimmune means your immune system is actually to active so these meds calm it down
You are at risk for "tag along " or opportunistic infections
So if someone on humira gets the flu they are more likely to be at risk for getting pneumonia with it
Just lots of hand washing

My kiddo was on a multivitamin whatever was on sale
But now that he drinks neocate jr (amino acid formula that's complete nutrition)
He does take anything but vitamin D since he is low

Good luck
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