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Fish Oil Warning

Hey all,

It's been a while since I posted in here, but I just wanted to pop in for a quick warning to you all.

We all hear about the great benefits of fish oil and omega-3's - and I'm definitely not refuting that. But I just want to reiterate one of the real side effects of it: intestinal bleeding.

I was feeling almost 100% on Monday - I started taking it Tuesday morning - started feeling worse on Wed and Thurs - and I was pooping blood by Friday.

Granted, the kind I was taking was 1600mg/dose, and because I was taking it in the liquid, not pill, form, I was probably even taking more than that. But it's fish oil, I thought, what can go wrong? Turns out quite a bit.

I stopped taking it today, and I THINK I'm starting to feel better. So just a little warning. Especially if you're first starting it. Start at a low dose. And preferably with food. And then increase as tolerated.

Happy Friday!
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Unfortunately, fish oil is a blood thinner, so it makes sense - especially if your bowels are already fragile.
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Thank you for the warning
There are a lot of "natural" things that can act as drugs or cause harm
Always clear supplements with your GI first

Hope you feel better soon
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its a blood thinner!!
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This is a good warning. I do actually take 4000mg a day (I have joint issues due to hypermobility) but I'm not prone to blood in my stool so there should be no problems there. I actually didn't know about this blood thinner effect, and if my situation worsens I'll definitely take note!

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