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Entocort vs Uceris effectiveness

Good afternoon. Oh the enjoyment of the beginning of the year and insurance...can anyone relate? I'm going through the early stages of a flare and want to get ahead of it quick. Uceris, my best solution as of recent, is not covered on the formulary. Complete oversight on my part. Entocort is covered...those in the know or with personal experience, if you will, I would very much appreciate your thoughts and comments on the two and their effectiveness toward symptoms and what if any side effects you experienced. Thank you in advance!
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I believe they are the same medication but are released at different places in the intestines. Uceris is released primarily in the colon, where Entocort is released a bit further back in latter portions of the small intestine. So the efficacy, I think, depends on where your crohn's is located. Hope this helps.
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Jabee is correct. They are both budesonide but formulated with different release points. So it depends on your disease location which is the better bet for you.

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