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So close, but feels like it's slipping away

I'm so frustrated right now.

Things were going well and providing my colonoscopy test comes back clear my specialist was talking about declaring me in remission.

But my brain is stupid. Every time I get over emotional or stressed it automatically translates it to "you're feeling sick". So I'm sitting here trying to focus on work while feeling nauseous as people I care about (both friends and family) are having meltdowns and telling me about it. This seems to be a constant thing of late. I'm scared as I feel my health levels may be dropping because of this.

They seem to translate the doctor thinking I might be well enough to be declared in remission to mean "Dianne is fine and back to a healthy normal now so we don't have to worry about stressing her anymore". Geez guys. The reason I'm in remission is you've backed off and I've been able to manage my stress as you have only involved me in the really important issues. Not the small, petty and stupid everyday issues. I don't care if my brothers girlfriend said something my mother decided was rude. I don't need it.

I've been good and happy and was slowly expanding my activities so I could even go out to socialize a little with the friends I still have after developing Crohn's! (It was just a short walk through a market and another time meeting for breakfast at a cafe near home, but it was such massive progress for me! I was so happy and excited about it).

I'm so scared that after working so hard to manage the stress in my life to get to this place this is going to ruin it for me. I'm already dealing with the early death of a beloved pet which has triggered mental health issues with my husband who is now working with a therapist on them. I can handle this (barely). I just can't handle the crappy unimportant things you treat as if they are so unbelievably important when they're just not!

I know it sounds childish but I just want to complain that it's not fair!

I know that there are many of you guys in a much worse situation than I'm in and I feel selfish for getting upset over such a little thing, but I just needed to get it out of my system.
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Feel free to vent. I hope you can have less stress in your life and go into remission.

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I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Stress definitely has an effect on me. I had to dump a girlfriend, because she was such a drama queen. I mostly saw her when she needed someone to vent on, when she was happy she didn't come around. I finally realized she was just using me, and making me feel bad, and ended it. Maybe you should tell people how their comments make you feel down, and that it's not good for your health. They may not like it though.
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I can see how this is a tough situation to be in. I can deal with other people's drama because i can tune it out, but if it is close friends or family not so much. Most is my mom having small tiffs with other family members and then both sides calling me to tell me about it. I just need to focus on myself, but how do you ignore your family. The one sneaky thing that I have started doing is pulling an 'I don't care face' what my hubby calls it. I just pull that old teenage face that shows i am so bored, I can tell it frustrates them but it has worked past few times. My hubby thinks I need to just tell them that I don't have energy. I wish I had more ideas for you, let me know how it goes.
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