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My Life With Crohns

My name is Jake Bowen and this is my LIMU Experience. Iíve been battling with my Crohns for pretty much half my life. I was 11 when I got diagnosed; weighing around 60 lbs. and pretty much thought this was the end for me. I was put on about 14 pills a day which was anything from prescribed medication to steroids. But no one told me that my diet, the food I was putting in my body affected how I felt and how it would flare up my ulcers. It wasnít until the last years of high school where I said enough with the medication because I was honestly losing my mind. I became very depressed and thought I was never going to overcome how I felt every morning and how I managed my symptoms throughout the day. I was not only a battle with my body but it was also a serve battle with my mind. I ended up coming off of my medication after doing intense research and decided to become gluten free and stop drinking anything that was dairy based. It helped out tremendously but I was still experiencing inflammation and the occasional flare ups. That went on for the next couple of years. Two and half years ago I married my lovely wife and we brought two beautiful children into this world, however having to provide for them was a whole new experience with new stress that I didnít know how to manage. Stress is what causes the majority of my flare ups, but having my wife who understands my condition and is so supportive by my side through the new times is something Iím very thankful for.
So letís fast forward to where I stand now. Over Christmas break I became very sick, ended up getting a stomach ulcer due to intense stress that came from personal issues that involved our house and a couple of other things. I was losing weight and ended up turning to my doctor for help which he prescribed me to ulcer medication which helped a little. However, the side effects were way too intense for my body but at that time I had no other options. My doctor told me to take this for a month straight no matter how it made me feel. That all changed when my dad brought something incredible into not only my life but my wife and kids. My dad told me he has something for me that he believes would help me but wanted me to do some research on the product and then if Iím comfortable give it a try. Itís a drink called LIMU Original, The Premium Seaweed Blend. My life has forever changed and I would love to share with everybody on how it has done so.
LIMU Original is the best-selling Fucoidan-rich nutritional supplement on the market. No artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. Absolutely the best thing I have ever put into my body. All of the LIMU products are powered by the super-nutrient Fucoidan, the extract of seaweed known simply as limu. Found in the pristine waters off the coast of Tonga in the South Pacific, limu has been revered by the Tongan people for well over 3,000 years. A proven super food, fucoidan contains life-staining and immune-supporting properties. This is HUGE for people like me living life with Crohns. The benefits from it are amazing, such as greater sense of health and wellness, improved joint mobility, STRENGTHENED IMMUNE SYSTEM, more restful sleep, softer and smoother skin, promotes healthy blood cholesterol, increased energy, and last but not least allergy relief. I suffered from all those things but LIMU Original has changed all that in so many ways. It delivers an enriching blend of anti-inflammatory and antiviral nutrients, which is exactly what I needed to better myself for my family. It is deliciously fused with juice extracts from mangos, papayas, apples and pears. I personally drink 4 to 6 ounces daily, it can be mixed with any other fruit juice or drink of your choice but I prefer to fill up a 2 oz. shot glass and throw it down three times a day. Iíve been on it for 7 weeks now and my life is doing fantastic. Within the first two weeks I stopped taking my ulcer medication because I felt that it was surplus to requirements which I was right, because itís been a month since I stopped, and the side effects are no longer affecting me at all which is huge for me. And this is just only one of the four other products they offer that is fucoidan rich based.
Since I have so much energy and the cramps and pains have gone down to an absolute minimum I have decided to work out and become stronger for my family. They also offer a work out recovery shake that is fucoidan rich and predigested whey protein which is amazing. I have tried and failed with so many protein shakes and this one has giving me the best results. They offer chocolate and vanilla but of course I prefer chocolate because who doesnít love chocolate. I just now started my work out journey two weeks ago and I will come back and share my progress has time goes on because putting on weight is a big deal to me right now and I want it to be nice and healthy muscle weight. I have no bathroom issues when I drink my shake which I drink 8 ounces daily with two scoops of the LIMU Lean. I recommend it to anybody that is trying to manage their weight or is like me and is trying to gain it and add it as another meal to your diet.
I believe things come into your life at the most perfect time when you absolutely need them and youíre left wondering what to do. Thatís why I decided that this is an opportunity I canít miss. All I want to do now is to change peopleís lives for the better, if I can get one person to benefit from my story of life than Iíve fulfilled my purpose. Sharing my story was something that I was afraid of doing, being judged by how small I may seem, or how much I go to the bathroom, and what specific things I can eat or drink. But I decided that this is life, my life and I wouldnít want it to be any other way. Iím here for people, I will support and try my best to spread my knowledge because life can get rough some times and it may seem dark but please believe me when I say there is always light on the other side. The sun doesnít shine for just any reason! It wouldnít be life without the struggles, difficulties, and tragedies. We just have to find the positives! I hope my LIMU story has helped in any way possible. LIMU has positively impacted my life and my familyís in ways I wouldnít have imagined and I canít wait to share it with you!

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I am glad this has happened for yoiu and wish you continued success.
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