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Night sweats!

This has been one of my major symptoms. I suffered from night sweats for months, thoyght it was my antidepressants. Started getting unwell. Got diagnosed with UC. On pentasa and prednisone for 2 weeks now. Since being on the meds the night sweats are even worse! I'm waking up all night saturated. Need to change multiple times a night.

I'm wondering if anyone else has this issue? Are the swears related to ibd? Do they ever go away?? Do the meds make them worse?
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I haven't experienced this but I know a friend of mine did whilst on antidepressants. Is it a listed side effect of the drug you take?

Hope you get some relief soon!
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I get night sweats when my crohn's is acting up. When it's better so are the night sweats. I've been taking antidepressants for years to help combat migraines as well as depression. Since your GI isn't quite sure whether you have UC or crohn's you could still have inflammation going on. It might be worth checking with your GI or GP.
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I had night sweats when crohns was really bad, ended up having a small bowel resection, have not had the night sweats since.
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I have had night sweats in the past when on prednisolone but they sometimes happen when im flaring also.
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I had night sweats when crohns was really bad, ended up having a small bowel resection, have not had the night sweats since.
Same here. And that was on no meds. Seems to be a fairly common symptom.
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I've been having sweats on and off for the last 15 years. The more pain the more pronounced. But I've had them on occasion when I've had no pain.

Sweat enough that when I took off my t shirt the shirt would drip on the floor.
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Yeah , I've had sweat on pred also. Should reduce as you taper!

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