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Why do I always fail at food

Is it just me or are there other members here that have a hard time avoiding foods that the can't digest or just intolerant to.

For me it's wheat and sugar and soft drinks (soda pop) I always seem to fail at avoiding these things I live with others that eat this and it's always in the house sometimes I know I shouldn't eat this stuff and always seem to fail at staying away.

Like last year I strted out the year doing really well eating resh or cooked veggies had a coffee or 2 a day as I could tolerate this.

Then half way through the year had lots of stress and started eating all my trigger foods lots of bad drinks and heaps of processed food and I think I got depressed and unconsciously started eating everything in sight.

Is it just me or do others sometimes fail at diets or sticking to healthy eating
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No you are definitely not alone there. I go through phases all the time where I do tonnes of research on the internet on food and crohn's. I stayed off sugar for a lot of months, I was also off dairy and wheat. I was trying oats instead and the oats actually seemed to make me flare, and I never had any trouble with weetabix! I am beginning to think everything in moderation. It is just my own opinion but when you go off of something for a while and then eat it the body seems to react a lot worse then if you were having small bits of the food all the time. I still avoid sugar as much as possible, I look at the number of grams on the packages. i also stuck to goats milk but as for the whole no grains thing, couldn't stick to that, too limiting. For me moderation was the way to go.
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It definitely is normal to get those times where you just eat them anyway. Having pressures in public, down days, days where you think your ok, so "itll be fine". Weve got to have abit of enjoyment in our lives lol. Its just a risk evaluation for me.
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I do this a lot too. It really frurstrates me & I have no one to blame but myself. I am currently in the worst flair I have ever had. Wating on the Starla infusion to start working. Yesterday I felt just a tad better so I ate two scrambled eggs instead of the usual one and I added cheese which I know is not the best..... end result.... lots of D and vomiting, fever and abd pain. If I had just stuck to one egg, no cheese perhaps I would feel somewhat human today.
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I sometimes cave in to cravings, knowing I will probably be sick the next morning. I stick to my diet for the long term though. On the weekend, I had chocolate and a small pizza. Thankfully I just had D a few times and it wasn't any worse. I really want some brandy.
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So do I and I pay for it.
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I do this all the many good food choices when others are in a house. Keep only good things in the house and stick to a meal plan and I'm ok....then someone brings in something "healthy" for them and I think gosh I love that I haven't had that in a long time. At that point sirens should go off saying warning but ya.....
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Hey all,

Same here! I have the occasional screw up and I pay for it! Other people have junk food around and sometimes I get into it. I learn my lesson for a while at least. I have been a bit better about it lately. Sometimes I just tell them to hide the junk food from me. LOL

Wishing everyone(including me) more impulse control,

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Guilty! But we only have one life to live, we have to enjoy certain things, even if they do cause problems.

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