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Oral Immunoglobulin G treatment

Hello guys, I got UC.

During the study of my disease I found out that etymology of it is intestinal infection. With help of megaflox (antibiotics) and vsl3 (probiotic) I can defeat my intestines infection... But when I stop taking this medicines my health become worse. To stabilize my immune system I take a complex immunoglobulin preparation which was made from human's plasma. But Suddenly, now in Russia there are some problems with this medicine, so im searching for analogs.

Does any one tryed milk-free, gluten-free oral IgG? ??
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I'd be very reluctant to take something made from human plasma for fear of getting some very bad blood viruses along with the IgG - viruses such as HIV, HCV, and HBV. The tests to screen out these viruses are very good but they are not perfect, especially for very low levels of virus.

An alternative for you might be EnteraGam, which is made from the blood of cows instead of human blood. It is more commonly used for IBS rather an UC, but who knows? Maybe it has helps for UC also. I don't know whether it is available in Russia.

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