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Anal fistula

Hi, i'm new to this forum and hope i'm on the right site. Had an anal abscess in oct. 2016 - was the size of a softball outside my rectum (hope that's not too much tmi). Had it drained & spent 3 days in the hospital. Had home care nurse everyday for 2 months packing & repacking the site. Thought i was fine but it became an anal fistula. I do not have crohn's disease jubt a lot of gi issues (ibs,constipation). Yesterday had fistula surgery with a seton placed around the spinchter muscle to drain the fistula. My question is - how is it possible to have a bowel movement with this seton string hanging out the rectum?? Also, is cleanliness an issue? Thanks for any and all answers. I will be having the "flap" surgery when the fistula drains.
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Welcome. I am not sure of the answer but you could post this question on the section entitled Fistulas, Fissures and Abscesses.
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I had to wash up with the shower wand and a finger. I was advised not to put soap on the area, just lots of warm water. Do you still have any packing? If you do the procedure is different. You can't get packing wet. Sitz baths afterwards help too.

pm me if you have any more questions I have had several of these procedures.

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