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Remicade levels really low...

Last summer I had a bad flare and it was decided I start Remicade. By the time I had my first treatment that fall, I was feeling pretty good again. Right after treatment 3 on Nov 30, my Crohn's started acting up again and hasn't improved. Before treatment #4 in late January, they took blood to test my levels. 7 is the maintenance level. I was 1.2 which is barely detectable. They also didn't find any antibodies in my system. So they are upping my next dose from 300ml to 500ml and that is mid-March.

I am really hoping this next dose works next time. Has anyone been down a similar road where after a few treatments Remicade wasn't working, saw their levels were really low and a higher dose made a difference?
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I don't think I have had that problem. It took some tinkering to get mine at the right levels. I am somewhat concerned that my levels may be dropping now. I do also have to have my imuran examined as I just picked up some skin cancer. Joys. Hopefully a little tinkering will solve your issue for you.
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That did not happen with me but I hope the higher dose works for you. Besides this section, there is a section called Treatment and underneath that is a subsection called Remicade. You might try posting there also.

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