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How i treat my disease. It works for me

I must have this disease for almost 10 years(i am 30 now). I always felt tired and i was intolerant to lactose but i didn't really have any pain. But 4 years ago i had constant pain in the stomach and intestines and i had gas, constipation and diarrhea, belching etc

I was miserable but at least i was diagnosed finally but still the pain didn't go away. After many years i can say that i have a diet that works at least for me.

Obviously liquid diet is the only solution but not juicing because it is high in sugar and low in protein and makes you feel hungry. I can tolerate sugar but not in high amounts. Also not milk because milk has casein and casein is hard to digest.

So my diet goes like this. 4 scoops of whey isolate protein every day(500 calories) mixed with 4 teaspoons of sugar(80 calories), 150g of organic tahini(1000 calories). But i feel so good that i can tolerate one solid meal everyday so i eat some potatoes and maybe some boiled eggs some times and that's it. The main ingredient in this diet is TAHINI. It's a superfood

Avoid milk, grains, meat, nuts(in raw form).
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Glad for your success. Make sure you have a doctor monitor your situation.
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so basically you put all the stuff I'm about to try into one shake! now replace sugar with honey which in mice studies can supress colitis. undenatured whey protein processed under low heat is supposed to be beneficial. a study with sesame seeds, which is basically tahini has been shown to help arthritis.

i wouldnt say that is a very full diet though, whole grains are good for us and you'll need a few veggies fruits and maybe nuts. walnuts are best i think for ibd,pistachios are good too.
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That sounds like alot of tahini too, is that accurate? it sounded like alot fo fat but now that i look at the nutritional info there is alot more protien then i thought and way less fat, 8 gm fat per 15 grams serving. that's like 720 calories from fat so that way on the upper end of what you would ever want to eat. It might be better to lower that amount so your diet is lower in fat, but maybe if its working then no harm done, the human body just doesn't need that much fat.
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I'm glad you're feeling better, but hopefully you're taking some vitamins. Your diet doesn't have too many.

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