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Crohn's drains me out but I am not going to give up!!

Hi all
I am Diana. I had been diagonosed with Crohn's when I was 29. I am 32 now and a mother of a 5year old girl.Crohn's has been extremely painful for me.Started with diarrhea and severe stomach pain. The pain is very different. I feel as if some one is using scissors and cutting my gut into pieces. After that you feel for a week that somone has beaten down on your head...very tired, no strength to work or do anything.Just feel like lying on bed 24*7. But when lying option was not available for a working mom and a part time Ph.D Student like me,I had to strain my body hard to do the needful and studies.Sometimes it feels too bad when you are not able to complete your Ph.D when your other fellow mates already submitted.I have been into the research (7 years now) on Sharks which demanded me going to deepsea voyages for a continuous of 21 days a month a while away from home.I am back from my fellow mates I know but I have left my Job and writing hard to submit my thesis this year.I know the Lord will help me Finish what I have bible says.I am having Azoran 100 tab daily and no specific diet mentioned. But I feel you should work out diets good for your gut. I love curd and rice and when i have it i feel good. I have lost a lot of hair past 2 years and my front head is almost showing baldness but my enterologist had asked me that it is normal for a Crohn's patient. Do all have hair loss I don't know. But I have met a dermatologist whose medicine is working good and my hair is coming back now. I feel much confident now.

But again I was on bed last full week as I went with my toddler to KFC and with the mingles bucket they gave a pepsi which is the only I had there and tummy ache stared...diarrhea and body too tired. Now my joints ,wrist are paining badly...I am typing this out in pain.What should I do for pain...I am very drowsy and tired as well.I just googled out today and saw this forum.Hope to share more on it and felt I am not alone,a lot of people are suffering from Crohn's.
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I am going through a similar situation that you are. I have a life to lead - though it's just that of a husband and father of two wonderful kids (5&8), but I had to leave my job this past December due to the fatigue mainly. The drugs turn me into a monster and I yell and scare my kids a lot (had a meltdown apology with my 8yf old boy last night trying to evolving in tears that it's the prednisone... I think he gets it, but still..)
I read your story and realize that this is all so tough / for so many people on so many levels. There are parents dealing with young kids with this crap which, in my opinion makes any troubles I'm having pale in comparison. But I guess everything is relative to the experiencer.
So that being said, I commiserate with you (if that the right word) . It seems to me that though I've been in a flare for the better part of the two years I've been diagnosed, there still have been ups and downs. I find it's so hard to accept that there will be an up, while I'm down but then sure enough it comes...

Anyway, I'm babbling on now and I've finished my urgent 3am rush to the shitter, so I just I'm done here

Ultimately however, I have to say that I am impressed with all that you are accomplishing. Your symptoms sound very similar to mine and I'm not sure I could be doing the same, so in my opinion you should be very proud of yourself. I think that your belief that god will help you through this is something to focus on as well. In my opinion , if we let god, or the universe, or whatever it is one believes in, in, He/It will work with us rather than against us.

Holy crap do I talk a lot at 3_am.

Anyway, you've got my support for whatever that's worth.
Crohns Colitis
Recently scoped with mod to severe throughout colon.
Tried a bunch of drugs to no avail.
Currently on Remicade and methotrexate but not really working.
Large joint issues due to Crohns
Daily dump of water 5X/day
Often just feel like hell and have no motivation for anything.
I love being a dad more than anything. Crohns limits my ability to do so, which frustrates me to no end.
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Welcome. Sending prayers and support. I don't think everyone suffers hair loss. Personally, I have. I respect you.

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